About Dee Anderson


Trained in Positive Psychology Coaching by some of the pre-eminent leaders in the field, I embrace a strengths based, values based, holistic approach to the process of personal, professional and creative change.  

I deliver a professional agenda through a personable style. I am not a high-octane, kick your butt into gear life coach. If that's who you are looking for, we will not be a good fit. 

Alignment is key to effective coaching, individually, and within the coach/client relationship. You know how you feel on a perfect beach day? That's how I feel when aligned. How about you?

If this emphasis on beachy and fun sounds unprofessional, 

please bear in mind two things:  

- research shows that positive emotions facilitate positive results; 

-  my background as a former college professor, university administrator, and educational consultant.  

My SeaGlass change brought me from higher education into coaching, building upon strengths honed for years within academia to my private practice in personal and executive coaching.. 

I now know true work/life balance and enhanced well-being. 

And I know you can too!