Book Coaching

We'll Help You Finally Finish That Book!

Whether you have a seed of an idea or a finished manuscript, we can help you finish out your project.  You will always work with Dee Anderson as your writing coach and publishing consultant. 

Writing and Publishing Services

FREE Initial conversation. 

During our initial conversation, whether in person, by phone or skype, I want to hear all about your project! We will learn about each other, and get a sense of whether we will work well together. I will ask lots of questions, such as:

  • Why do you want to write this book?
  • What are your vision and goals for the project overall? 
  • Where are you in the process?
  • What do think you need to complete your project?

We will review the range of services that I offer, and you can ask me many questions, too. 

But mostly, we will get a sense of what are you looking for in a coach and how I can best support you, your writing, and project.

Writing the manuscript

Writing, finishing or refining your manuscript is central to your book. Our project management consultation is central to our working together. 

Project management consultation including needs assessment, strategy session, and preliminary schedule.

This is a very important step in the project, where we will clarify your vision and create a plan to see it through to completed manuscript. We will also determine how we can best work together considering:

  • Needs of the project: focus, organization, structure, audience, purpose, format, research, permissions, photography, graphics.
  • Needs of the writer: prior writing experience, sample?, time and other resources available to the writer, preferred style of collaboration

Based on our dialoguing around these matters, I will provide a clear description of the work in progress, the services that I can provide, and a preliminary schedule with milestone target dates. 

I will provide you with an overview of your book, preliminary schedule with milestone target dates and description of the writing coaching services that I feel will be most beneficial to you, and the completion of your manuscript. 

You will have a workable timeline including milestone target dates for specific project review sessions and next steps toward publication.

Based on this assessment, I will recommend a way for us to work together. Some possibilities are as follows:

Retainer basis

Coaching and consultation by the hour. The pre-paid package of hours is like a retainer, so you can access me as needed. I am your writing coach on call.

Meetings are planned around your needs or the needs of the work. Stuck? Overwhelmed? A quick question? Or maybe you want to share the brilliant work you just produced to keep the momentum going. 

Recommended for shorter projects, academic writing, or works well under way with a strong central, controlling idea. Also good for questions around a specific area of concern. 

Weekly sessions

Regular submission of your work in progress with my feedback. This is the best option for maintaining your production schedule and strengthening your writing. You will write and submit to me on a pre-planned day, up to ten pages of writing for that week. I will review it, provide feedback, then send it back to you for a phone conference to discuss. I might even send an occasional text message to make sure you are on task! Accountability is a great motivator! A twelve-week commitment is required at the end of which, you will likely have approximately 120 pages, which is generally considered a minimum page count for a book 

Periodic review and analysis 

Recommended for more experienced writers who do not need regular feedback or time management support. In accordance with a required project management consultation, we will schedule your submissions to me on the milestone target dates for specific project review sessions. I will read your text, address your questions, and provide feedback regarding global editorial {developmental} matters such as focus, organization, flow, structure, and format. Four reviews, up to 120 pages total, over a 12 week period.


These offerings are examples that have worked well with former and present clients. An approach customized to your needs as a writer or the needs of your project is always a possibility. 


A complete draft manuscript needs editing to ready your manuscript for publication. Different levels of editing include developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Because they often overlap and are defined in different ways, I like to think of them in terms of "reads'': first read for larger issues such as focus and organization, second read for textual issues such as grammar, punctuation, syntax, and third read for proofreading for typos for a clean copy. 


Publishing Consultation.  This is the exciting time when you make the leap from writer to author! I will help define your needs for guidance through the sometimes dizzying and overwhelming process of putting your work out into the marketplace - making your book public - which is what publishing means. It seems a million decisions need to be made with so much information, and so much advice out there! Whether you want me by your side beginning to end, or have questions as you go along, I can help. In any case, some steps are essential at this point and fall into design and editorial.


Cover design: Write To Be cover design assures that you will work exclusively with our award-winning designer. This is not a template based, cookie cutter design, but one that you and our collaborative partner will co-create until you are satisfied. Your cover has personal preferences, sound design elements, and marketing considerations to take into account. You will be advised accordingly and listened to during the creative design process. Unlike larger self-publishing companies, you will know who you are working with and will remain with her until the job is completed to your satisfaction. 

Interior layout: The look and feel of a book is essential to your readers' comfort. Visual elements such as font design, illustrations, photographs, white space, all add to the message and meaning of your text. Our exclusive designer will work with you to create a custom design, format your manuscript, and provide a file ready to submit for production.

File upload: Not high tech? We got you covered. If you are self-publishing your book, we will upload your cover and interior files to the print on demand publisher of your choice. 


Our Pre-publishing Editorial Package addresses editorial matters at the publication stage and includes:

Title and sub title.  The title of your book is a major consideration and should be addressed early in your project. However, at the time of publication, you want to be sure that it serves your project in many ways without infringing on the rights of others. We can help you avoid common pitfalls of titles gone wrong. 

Back cover copy. How you describe your book is important to book sales. We can help you write a summary and description to entice readers to read and buy your book! This will also serve as a description for Amazon or anywhere else that you market your book. 

Author bio. Your author bio is your calling call to your audience and specific to your publishing identity. This element will be used not only within your book, but also on publishing channels and other marketing purposes. The importance of your author bio cannot be overstated. 

Other matters: Just when you thought you were ready to publish ... the dedication, acknowledgments, table of contents, copyright page, credits say "don't forget about us!"