Executive Coaching

Coaching for Workplace Performance and Development.

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Communication Coaching. Demand for communication skills, including writing, presentation, and analysis is growing across all sectors, including IT and healthcare. Gain a competitive edge in the workforce by sharpening your skill set. 

  • Increase confidence.
  • Improve writing skills.
  • Raise level of vocabulary.
  • Brush up grammar.
  • Refine speaking and writing skills for international professionals.

 Professional Development Seminars and Trainings. SeaGlass workshops, seminars, and presentations offer numerous opportunities to grow professionally. They are great for professional development, team building and motivation. You can bring a SeaGlass learning experience on site to your group or organization. Most are single session, half or full day programs or delivered through a series of extended sessions. Customization is always available and the events can be used for fundraising. Learn more at our Creative Learning Experiences