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Well-Being is a term that gets thrown around a lot lately.  Our definition is centered around the idea that the major areas of your life work with, not against, each other. 

For example, do you feel that something is just not right?   Chances are something is off kilter in one of your major areas of well-being.

Or do you have that "is that all there is?" feeling?  To the outside world, it seems you have it all, but inside you are not happy or satisfied. You might even feel guilty because you think you are supposed to be happy. 

Other times, you know exactly what change you need to make, but feel stuck.  Or have you tried, sometimes more than once, unsuccessfully, to make a life improving change? 

What is the gap and how can you close it? 

Personal Coaching will help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  I will help you move forward faster and more effectively than on your own.  

I will help you clarify your goals, build motivation, assist you in designing action steps, and plan for any obstacles that might delay your success.

Major Life Goals Impacting Well-Being Include:

Physical Well-Being/Wellness Well-Being

Live a healthy lifestyle. You might want to focus on: diet/nutrition, weight, fitness, athletic goals, sleep, diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease, chronic conditions, high blood pressure, pain management. 

Physical well-being is the center of all we do in life.  There is dialogue between all areas with physical well-being.

Life Transitions

End a relationship, retire, move, find or start a new job or new business, face a medical challenge or loss of loved one, move beyond trauma, undergo major financial change, recover from divorce.

Career Well-being

Undergo job training, design a career track, reduce stress on the job, rejuvenate career, get a raise or promotion, start your own business, get a better job, be more productive at work.

Social well-being

Get out more, get closer to family, get closer to spouse, create a more satisfying personal relationship, make more friends, date, find community.

Financial well-being

Invest more regularly, buy a home, set up and follow a budget, earn more money, save more, face a money challenge, create a lifetime money plan, plan pre- or post retirement finances, reduce debts or credit cards, curtail overspending.


Positive Psychology is the Science behind our Coaching

I provide a structure that is missing without a coach based on inquiry, assessments, goal-setting, strategic planning, and accountability.  I have post-graduate training in Positive Psychology Well-Being Coaching and am in the practicum stage of certification by the National Board of Medical Examiners for Health and Wellness Coaching.

New to Coaching?

If you have never worked with a coach before, you might want to try our limited time special: a month of coaching for $99!  Don't think you can accomplish much in one month?  Look at these results:

Pre coaching reported goal completion = 18%

Post coaching reported goal completion  = 75%

over 3 weeks*


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