Write To Be® Learning Experiences



Write To Be® Learning Experiences are full of inspiration, motivation and audience participation. Perfect for women, professionals, corporate settings, educational institutions, small business groups, creative types, writing folk, self-employed, you! Delivered within one hour presentations, half or full day workshops, or extended sessions! Held at private homes, bed and breakfasts, retreats, spas, churches, corporate events, schools, business meetings, book stores.

Writing Workshops

Write To Be® writing workshops are fun, process-oriented writing events. No special talent, writing/creative background or training is needed. 

Write To Be® Workshop The original Write To Be workshop begun in 2001! 

Write, share, laugh, cry, stretch, grow, listen, learn. Grow personally and creatively in these positive gatherings of no competition and no judgment. 

Writing is powerful. Writing in community is super charged!

The intention is to inspire, motivate and support your writing and/or creative living, especially if you are: a woman, a creative, of the Oprah mindset, enjoy a holistic approach, like tales of triumph, want to know yourself better, feel stuck, look to grow spiritually, open to exploring your creativity, engage in self help/self improvement, desire to share your story and/or hear others' stories, want to write but need help starting,

seek clarity,  or simply have an open heart and mind.

No special talent, writing/creative background or training is needed.

Writing and sharing with others in a place of no competition and no judgment is energizing, affirming and inspiring. These are not critique groups. Just be open to the empowering act of connecting within a safe, creative community. I will provide a prompt, we will write and share. The magic is in the process!

Workshops can be customized to a group or theme. Special offerings include:

Write To BeachTM

Writing workshops held on the beach. Just bring your beach chair, pad and pen! We will write and share inspired by the sand and surf! 

Memoir Matchstick: The Personal Essay

Light the fire of your memoir. Kindle the stories of your life with personal essays. Burn through your blocks by learning simple techniques to write stories from your life. They will become your memoir! Format: writing workshop - 2 hours

Writing and Wellness: Write for the Health of It!

Write your way to fitness for body, mind and spirit. Release your creative energy for healing and growth. Learn how to write for health and wellness and why it works. Explore the history, theory and practice of therapeutic writing. In this interactive lecture/workshop, we will create a safe space to write in a non-competitive, non-judgmental setting.  (Sharing is always optional!) You will leave with plenty of ideas, exercises, and resources for further exploration. Format: interactive lecture/workshop - 1.5 hours 

Writing The Artist Statement

The Artist Statement is an important declaration of your work, life, art. It can be called for when entering a competition, applying for school or a grant, being considered for inclusion in an exhibition, or marketing your work. It can also be a powerful tool for self-reflection and validation. Whether you are writing your first Artist Statement, or revisiting a prior version to reflect your creative growth, this workshop will help you connect with yourself, your art, and your audience. We will consider style, tone, purpose and form. Through hands-on exercises, we will produce, at the very least, a draft that you can develop into an Artist Statement to describe your work and spotlight your talent. Format: lecture/workshop - 2 hours.

Presentations and Seminars

Write To Be® workshops and seminars are interactive and interdisciplinary. Most are single session, half or full day programs or delivered through a series of extended sessions. Customization is always available. 

Creativity and Wellness

The link between creativity and wellness is long established and more widely recognized than ever. Apollo, god of medicine and poetry, roots the healing nature of the arts within ancient tradition, while today, the American Medical Association recognizes writing as complementary health practice. How can we use creativity for wellness? How can we use wellness for creativity? Explore the possibilities within this fascinating relationship to reveal ways to inspire and nourish creativity and wellness in your life!

Format: interactive lecture/workshop - 1.5 hours 

The Art of Unblocking

When we are blocked in one area of our lives, we are blocked in others. In this workshop, a series of poems takes us through passages of being that we all experience at some time or other, in some way or other: being open, lonely, scared, forgiving – or not, loving, sad, curious, brave, trusting, to facilitate flow through some of those places where we all occasionally get stuck. format: written and spoken word workshop in a non-competitive, non-judgmental, safe, nurturing group setting (reading aloud is always voluntary!) 

- 1.5 hours 

Transformative Language Arts: Integration of Literary and Expressive Arts

For teachers, writers, artists, lovers of the arts. To spark your own creative work or for self-exploration and personal growth. We will cover the history and theory of expressive writing while practicing various approaches through our own work with a variety of artistic mediums as inspiration. Discover new ways to interact with creative expression through this multi-media, multi-genre, interdisciplinary learning experience. 

format: lecture/workshop; half or full day program, or extended series of sessions.